San Francisco, Part 1

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San Francisco is maybe the most diverse city I have been so far. I tried to capture my impressions of SF in this series of picture.

Staying in Palo Alto, CA is beautiful, the weather is great and the neighbourhoods are safe, but to see a real town you have to take the Caltrain northbound to San Francisco. I had a bunch of trips to the city, while I stayed here in California and I took tons of pictures.

Without any doubt it is a beautiful city and it wouldn’t be possible to give you a glimpse of its beauty within a single post. That’s why I decided to separate my posts into different parts. Even then I am pretty sure I am missing out huge parts, you have to be there to really feel the city.

This first part is basically a collections of shots I could not really aggregate using a common topic. Concluding I can present the diverse first part of my San Francisco series.

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