Name: Frank Steiler

Age: 22

Profession: Student Services Computing


I always loved taking pictures using my mobile camera and I enjoyed it every time having a more professional camera in my hands. Lately I finally convinced myself to buy an own DSLR and after some time I decided to get a Sony Alpha 58 (I know that is not a very professional model, but it wasn’t too pricy). On top of that I decided, that I wanted to share some of my shots with everyone else. To have full control over all of my data I created this blog as a platform to show my pictures to the world.

I thank you for visiting this webpage and I hope you are enjoying my photos. If you have any suggestions to improve the design of this webpage or my photographical skills, feel free to contact me.

All pictures shown on this page are licensed under a Creative Commons - Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike - 4.0 International License.

This page was proudly build without the need of server-side scripting. The source code is licensed under a GNU General Public License Version 3 and can be found on GitHub. If there are any questions regarding the implementation feel free to contact

Special thanks to Tammo Schwindt (contact via mail) for supporting me building this page. The full list of attributions can be found here.